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Moreno Valley California

Warehouse Commercial Electrical Contractors

Licensed & Bonded

  • Install, Upgrade or Repair
    all Commercial Industrial Electrical
  • Improve Productivity
  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Protect Employees and Customers
  • Improve Business or Commercial Property

Warehouse Commercial Electrical Contractors
Moreno Valley California

“On this job we worked on 3-phase 480/277 volt and 3-phase 120/208 electrical panels.
From a 480v 800 amp switchgear we installed a 200 amp circuit breaker.

Through the 200 breaker we put feeder wires that go from the switchgear to the first panel, which is the 480/277 distribution panel. That distribution panel has a breaker inside which is a 3-phase 480 volt 90 amp breaker which feeds down to a 75 kva 3-phase 208V to 120V Step Down Transformer. That transformer then feeds to the 200 amp 3-phase 120/208 panel board.

On top of that there are three existing panels that we worked on. Two of them are 120 208 3-phase and the other one is a 3-phase 480 277 panel. We cleaning them up, did load tests, used the amp meter (probe) to figure out how much electricity each breaker was actually feeding for each item that it’s supposed to be on. And making sure those breakers are actually connected where they are supposed to be.”

Live Wire Electric & Construction will install, upgrade and maintain all electrical machinery for your industrial manufacturing facility.

We understand the critical need for consistent, reliable electric power. We service warehouse, processing plants, shipping and fulfillment centers, factories, retail establishments, medical facilities, government facilities, and business offices.

Our Industrial Electrical Contractors:

  • Visit your business and assess electrical needs
  • Identify before & after costs
  • Schedule the project at your convenience
  • Installation performed by our employees
  • Cleanup and recycle all materials
  • Markedly improve productivity
  • Energy savings start immediately
  • Electrical equipment lasts longer
  • Maintenance costs reduced

Electrical Installs
Electrical Upgrades
Generators, Transformers, Panels, Outlets, Lighting, Switches, Security, Conduits; Wiring

San Bernardino
Redlands California
Riverside California
Ontario California
Moreno Valley

We offer quick response emergency electrical repair and troubleshooting services for all commercial and industrial locations. We will test, inspect and regulate power loads and equipment to make sure everything remains in continuous operation, with no down time or loss of revenue. Energy-saving lighting, conduits and wiring, load testing, security and surveillance. We test, install, upgrade and maintain any electrical systems: panels, switches, breakers, wiring, sockets, machinery. We can re-distribute power and utility lines throughout your commercial facility. All at competitive rates.

Commercial Electrical Service:

  • Electrical Systems for Voice & Data
  • Electrical Systems for Fire Alarms & Security
  • Computer Stations
  • Power Distribution / Electrical Upgrades
  • HVAC Control Wiring
  • Power & Lighting Design
  • Grounding Systems
  • Emergency Systems
  • Generator Installations
  • Backup, Standby and Emergency Generators
  • Forklift Battery Chargers
  • Step-Down Transformers
  • 480/277V 3-Phase
  • 120/208V Single Phase
  • Panel Upgrade Install
  • Y Panels and Δ Panels
  • All Conduits, Pipe And Wire
  • Commercial Grade Duplex Outlets
  • Disconnects and Specialty Switches
  • Security and Surveillance Cameras
  • CCTV (Closed Circuit) Remote Systems
  • Service Upgrades
  • Preventative Maintenance

Warehouse Commercial Electrical Contractors Moreno Valley

Bonded & Licensed Electrical Contractors and Electrician Service for commercial and industrial facilities.